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MSG Truth

Honest Discussion about Food Additives
by a Former Food Process Engineer
Why MSG Truth?
Years ago, I made the decision to quit a high paying job at a very famous company where I was a Research and Development Food Process Development Engineer.  I realized I was so far from my early dreams of feeding the world because I discovered the truth of the science behind the food additive MSG. 

​I began this website in 2002 because the FDA failed to honestly inform the public about the science behind this widely used food additive in American processed food. 
Why no ads?
I wanted the public to access this information, which I feel is so important it should be free to all.  I don't work for the food industry anymore, I don't accept advertising money from any food manufacturer or trade association. 

I am free to tell you what I know from my degrees in Engineering and Food Science, my real world experience in the Research & Development laboratories of 4 of the world's largest global food companies. 

I walked away from it all on principal.  To help you understand exactly what you all have been eating. 

This website is the culmination of my 30 years of knowledge of the topic of food science. I hope you find it interesting and fascinating as well as helpful. 

It isn't easy to overhaul and modernize 16 years of this website. Please be patient as I try to put back all the content I have acquired over the years.  
What Makes Me MSG Sensitive?
What Foods Contain MSG?
Food Science
I have detailed information about which foods MSG is found in as well as the additives that are chemically identical. The food manufacturers invented the term "clean label" for a reason, to mislead the consumer. I will help you navigate your supermarket aisles. 
Cooking is a skill, but like all skills it can be mastered.  I will help you understand  food science. I may not be a funny as Alton Brown, but I will try...
I have acquired data over the years about studies related to MSG sensitivity. I will be sharing that information. New studies come out every day. I will explain them.
Food Info from your friendly neighborhood former food process engineer...
So, please be patient as we upgrade our site - it is 30 years in the making....