Multiple Sclerosis and Glutamate Blockers



Multiple Sclerosis and Glutamate Blockers

Recently, new research on treating Multiple Sclerosis is focusing on the same drugs used to treat stroke.  What does this have to do with MSG, the sodium salt of glutamic acid, or glutamate? 

The newest drugs to treat stroke are glutamate blockers.  See the following BBC article:

Quote from the above article: 
"Using a mouse model of MS, scientists found that a glutamate receptor blocker, NBQX, prevents glutamate-induced nerve damage and protects myelin-making cells from destruction, according to the report. "


NBQX is an NMDA antagonist according to the following link:

(NMDA receptors are activated by glutamate as well as aspartic acid (aspartate) which is found in aspartame.)

NBQX has also been researched in connection with pain disorders:

MS and a diet link?

Some individuals with Multiple Sclerosis have been helped by avoiding foods with gluten and casein.  Autistic individuals have been helped by a gluten free, casein free diet as well.  (In some autistic children, these proteins cause opiates to form in the gut and can affect a child's behavour. 
See this link: )

A low casein/gluten diet is often a diet low in processed foods.  Consequently, a diet low in casein and gluten - (milk and grain proteins found in wheat, rye, oats, barley) is also lower in MSG.

Stem cell research or an ounce of prevention?

Currently a hot topic in the press is stem cell research to aid those who have diseases such as MS or other diseases where the myelin sheath surrounding nerve fibers is damaged, preventing the propagation of nerve impulses.  The theory is that if a nerve cell is damaged, you can grow a new one.  What if this is all a very complicated solution to preventing damage in the first place?  What if those new cells that provide the new myelin sheaths are damaged again by the thing that caused the demyelinization in the first place? 

Stem cell research may help those whose demyelinization was caused by physical injury - i.e. as in Christopher Reeve's case.  However, we may be able to prevent MS or its debilitating symptoms, instead of just cure it (repeatedly), if in some it is actually caused or exacerbated by eating things like MSG and aspartame. 

For more information on MSG and MS see the following link:

MS and vitamin B12

It has long been known that Vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to demyelinization of the nerve cells.  It is also proven that Vitamin B12 protects against glutamate neurotoxicity.   A sensitivity to MSG and symptoms of MS may be a clue to Vitamin B12 deficiency.  Conversely, supplementation of B12 may be of benefit to persons with MS and MSG sensitivity.  It should be noted that the B12 is found in foods of animal origin.  The vegans out there should take note.






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